This page is designed to give you a basic idea of pricing, availability and options. Each event is unique to the person who is having the event.
The combination of services are limited only to the imagination. We strive relentlessly to hit the mark of perfection every time. Bear in mind, as you select your options, we give a discount for multiple services....the more you choose, the bigger the price break.
Ala carte services are available.
DJ services
DJ services are booked initially in a 4 hour block of "play time".
This is our most basic pricing. This includes any play time related to the event. Time is started when the DJ begins playing music and goes through for 4 continuous hours.
Club pricing is different. We charge on a club by club basis. Bob Perry is the primary club DJ
Our prices for DJ's start at $900.00
*Call for detailed pricing*
Video services
Documentary : 1 camera, ceremony and 2 hours of reception:
Love story: 1 camera, ceremony and 3 hours of reception
Our day: 1 camera, 1 hour before ceremony, ceremony and 3 hours of reception
Every moment: 1 camera, 2 hours before ceremony and 4 hours of reception
Block buster: 2 cameras, 3 hours before ceremony and total reception 
All video comes with editing and final product DVD's. The content is non protected and can be duplicated at the discretion of the person paying for the video service.
This is where we excel as a company! Lighting is the one place in each event where the person having the event can express their individual style and personality. Lighting makes the event unique, and is a reflection of the vision a person or a group has for their day.
We can color mix ANY bridal color
Color combinations possible; 16.7 million colors!
Lighting starts at $300.00
  • Basic lighting:
  • Medium lighting:
  • Large lighting
Basic lighting is dance floor lighting
Medium lighting is truss system dance floor lighting
Large lighting is truss system lighting with some up lights
Total lighting is everything we own....up lighting, truss system, moving head led lights, color matching to the bridal colors.....we have the most elaborate lighting in the mid atlantic. Lighting is our expertise. We know how to enhance your event without  overpowering the room!!
*Call for detailed pricing*